March 2016 Grand Canyon Trip


John, Tom and Fred in 16 foot raft on April 2002 trip

Welcome to our 'organizing the trip' web site.  Please let me know if you have things to add or want changed.  Latest Status of the trip listed in reverse chronological order...

Great Trip and Great Group!!!  Thanks for being such good team members.

Canyon REO Menu and Recipes we used on the trip.

Holly and Emily wrote and sing our trip rafting song 'Straight Down the Middle with You'

Here are our links to our photos and logs.  Email links to Tom S and he will post them.

Begin of Photos and Logs *****************************************************************************

Herb's Dropbox photos

Colin's photos

David's sky video

David's running the rapids video

Monica's photos

Heidi's photos

Tom T's anaglyph (red/blue) version of his 44 minute 3D video on you tube. Note you need red blue 3D glasses.  A 3D side_by_side and a 2D version are also available on his web site.

Emily's Photo Highlights

Tom S Grand Canyon Raft Photo Slideshows and Trip Log

Amy swims Lava Falls

Driving thru the night to Cedar City, UT Slideshow

Day 0 thru Day 5 Slideshow

Day 6 thru Day 9 Slideshow

Day 10 thru Day 13 Slideshow

Day 14 thru Day 17 Slideshow

Day 18 thru Day 21 Slideshow

Day 22 thru Day 24 Slideshow

March 14 Monday Tom T drives down from Seattle has Pork and Sauerkraut dinner with Laura and Tom S. Leave after 7pm and drive thru the night. Drive thru a snow storm on Santiam Pass but clear the rest of the way down to Cedar City.

March 15 Tuesday Arrive at hotel in Cedar City around noon, hike a peak in Three Peaks Park and drive up to Cedar Breaks National Monument in the snow at 10,000 feet.

March 16 Wednesday Drive to Lee’s Ferry arriving at 9:30am, hike a third of the way up Spenser Trail, everyone else arrives at 1:15pm and begin rigging rafts with Michelle from Canyon REO. 21 of us for dinner at Marble Canyon Lodge. Heidi’s sister Amy surprised us with a visit from Durango.

Day 1 March 17 Thursday St. Pat's Day and launch day. 2 National Park Rangers show up at 9:20am for inspecting our equipment and then go watch video in ranger station. Launch at 11:15am. Camp at Soap Creek Mile 11.3.

Day 2 March 18 Friday Hiked Soap Creek Canyon for a couple hours before taking off. Short hike up Rider Canyon then ran House Rock rapids. Boat was tilted but no flip or losing anybody. Camp at House Rock Mile 17.2.

Day 3 March 19 Saturday Hiked up North Canyon in the morning. Roaring 20's rapids today, lateral wave filled front of the boat on Gerogie rapid. Got stuck for 20 minutes on rocks at Mile 27 rapid. Camp at Shinumo Wash Mile 29.5. Heidi and Travis flip in IK on Georgie rapid.

Day 4 March 20 Sunday Perry, Natalie, Heidi, Holly and Travis do Silver Grotto. Very cold Pools. Used electric filter at Vasey's Paradise and it worked great. Lunch At Redwall Cavern. Short hike up National Canyon with most people. Camp at Tatahatso Mile 37.9.

Day 5 March 21 Monday Morning hike up Redbud Canyon (Brower's Bower) Mile 39.3. Travis proposes to Heidi there. Camp at Lower Saddle Canyon Mile 47.6. Hiked up canyon before dinner.

Day 6 March 22 Tuesday Windy night and day. Very hard rowing. Holly, Heidi, Travis, Natalie and Perry do Nankoweap granary. Camp Opposite Mlgosa Mile 58.1. Tough dinner of pork chops and dutch oven in the wind and sand. Everyone goes to bed in tent early.

Day 7 March 23 Wednesday Cold and breezy morning. Made good time, stopped at Little Colorado, water still clear and did Unkar ruins. Camp Upper Rattlesnake Mile 74.6.

Day 8 March 24 Thursday 4 big rapids today and no problems. Camp Upper Cremation Mile 87.7. Iked over to Phantom Ranch and called Laura and Matt (for his birthday).

Day 9 March 25 Friday Mailed postcards at Phantom Ranch and had lemonade. Natalie, Pat and Travis hike out and Julian, Amy and Colin hike in. Monica and Cathy camp at Phantom Ranch campground. Did two major rapids Horn Creek and Granite. Camp Hermit Creek before rapids Mile 95.5.

Day 10 March 26 Saturday Hiked up Hermit Creek to backpack campground. Ran Hermit rapid. Camp Upper Crystal Mle 98.7. Did Crystal Creek hike.

Day 11 March 27 Sunday Covered 22 miles, bent oar lock when I hit the wall on a left run of Crystal. Did Elves Chasm. Camp Mile 120.

Day 12 March 28 Monday Filled water bottles from Colorado. Short hike up Blacktail Canyon. Trouble with Bedrock rapid, Tim goes first and ends going left but does punch thru left chute. Perry flips IK on left side then gets on Holly's raft that ran left too. They flip too, Perry climbs on Bedrock island and Holly and Heidi swim rapid. Emily get thru left left channel fine too. Tom T is the only one to make it right. Tom S pins rafts on Bedrock trying to pull right. Perry helps Ann get onto Bedrock. Bo and Tom S stay with raft which fills the front with water then takes off and flips right away. Bo and Tom S get sucked into left chute and spend some time under water but both come up fine. Tom S loses hat, Strauch flag, umbrella and two chairs. Camp Below Bedrock Mile 131.7.

Day 13 March 29 Tuesday Hike to Thunder River and back in 4 1/2 hours. Camp Above Owl Eyes Mile 134.8.

Day 14 March 30 Wednesday Stop at Christmas Tree cave, Deer Creek Canyon and Matkatamiba. Camp Below Matkat Mile 148.9.

Day 15 March 31 Thursday Hike a couple hours at Havasu. Perry and Heidi hike to Beaver Falls and IK back to Camp Mile 158.7.

Day 16 April 1 Friday Hike Fern Glen Canyon. Camp Mohawk Mile 172.1.

Day 17 April 2 Saturday Layover day 5 hour hike up Mohawk Canyon.

Day 18 Apil 3 Sunday Hike Cove Canyon, lunch at Lava, run Lava. Amy and Julian gte knocked out, Amy swims Lava Falls and Julian hangs on to the raft. Herb get knocked out but then knocked back in by another wave. Camp Whitmore Wash Mile 188.4.

Day 19 April 4 Monday Hike to pictographs from camp. Camp Granite Park Mile 209.1.

Day 20 April 5 Tuesday Hike in morning up 600 feet from camp. Lunch at Pumpkin Springs. Camp Mile 222.2.

Day 21 April 6 Wednesday Hike up dry creek bed at camp. Stop at Travertime Falls. Camp Separation Canyon Mile 239.8.

Day 22 April 7 Thursday 2 hr hike up flat Separation Canyon. Short hike up Surprise Canyon. Camp Mile 253 (no marked campsite)

Day 23 April 8 Friday Rain all day, lunch on the boat. Camp Mile 279. Nice group chat and Tim and Tom S presented new Strauch flag.

Day 24 April 9 Saturday Take out at Pearce Ferry in the rain and it is very messy and muddy while derigging. Tim and Holly check out Pearce Ferry rapid and it looks bad again. Canyon REO shows up with truck and shuttled cars at 10:45am. Load up gear in truck. Good fried chicken lunch. Everybody heads out by noon. Great Trip!!! Tom T and Tom S drive straight to Salem and get in at 5:30am Sunday morning.

End of Photos and Logs ***********************************************************************************************************

03/07/2016 Tim's final final Plan (PDF).

03/03/2016 Colin is replacing Dennis for the second half trip and our trip is still full.  The chore assignments will just replace Dennis's name spots with Colin's name.

02/29/2016 Tim's final Plan (PDF).

02/25/2016 River levels for the Grand Canyon.

02/20/2016 Menu plus Chore Assignments (PDF) for our trip.

01/17/2016 Please fill out our doctor Ann's medical form (PDF) and email back to her at

01/11/2016 Tim's latest Plan (PDF).

01/07/2016 Added Finalized NPS River Trip Permit and the NPS River Trip Regulations.

12/14/2015 Added Bonnie Ludka, a friend of Natalie's, to the wait list.

12/09/2015 The trip is full again after adding Natalie and Pat to the first half and Dennis to the second half.  David sent in our finalized permit to the Park Service so we should be all set for the trip.

11/18/2015 Tim's latest Plan (PDF);  Tom sent out email Questionnaire with our Full Menu (PDF) plus Canyon REO Menu Planner (PDF) which is used to work up the menu;  Please respond to the questionnaire in a week.

09/21/2015 Added Julian (second half), Amy  (second half) and Travis  (first half) to the trip and now Cynthia is going on the first half; We now have a full committed trip; Tim's latest Plan (PDF); Check out Caroly's blog from the Grand Canyon trip Tim just completed.

Canyon REO sent us this info:

Grand Canyon Books (PDF)
This is a list of our favorite books, maps and guides for the Canyon. You may be able to find them locally or online, but we would be glad to mail you copies as well. Just let me know.

Grand Canyon Almanac (PDF)
“A compilation of monthly sunrise & sunset times for campsites & cool places in the Grand Canyon.”

NPS-2011Campsite List (PDF)
Supplied by the National Park Service, this is a list of campsites referenced by river mile and also cross referenced to both the Martin/Whitis and Belknap guides (see our reading list)
If you click the tab at the top of the page titled “GPS Waypoints” you can download the RiverMaps GPS waypoints for the Colorado River to your GPS device. Waypoint files presented here include mileage, campsites, rapids, and other points of interest with positions that correspond to the Whitis/Martin guidebooks (see our reading list). You may have to also upload the most recent drivers for your device. Give me a shout if you have any questions.

If you are planning on staying in Flagstaff before &/or after your trip, you may want to make your hotel reservations now. Flagstaff often has festivals or college events and some of the hotels do get booked to capacity. Page 18 of the Trip Leader’s Handbook (sent with your sign-up confirmation) has some information on lodging that you will want to check out. The Aspen Inn Suites (928-774-7356) will give you a discount if you tell them you are on a Canyon REO trip.

06/14/2015 Added Perry, Heidi's Dad, to the trip

06/13/2015 Tim's First Draft Grand Canyon Mile Planner (PDF)

06/04/2015 Tim's updated plan (PDF) and added Rosemary to the trip

05/31/2015 Added Canyon REO Trip Leader Handbook (PDF) and their 13 videos.

05/20/2015 Added Emily as our 5 boat person so all 5 boats are covered.

03/10/2015 Our initial plan (PDF) for our trip done up by Tim.

02/25/2015 David Trowbridge wins our lottery trip and he is the only one out of 12 of us putting in the lottery. 


Thursday March 17  Trip 

Tim Strauch, Trip Leader and Boatman 18 foot raft

Tom Strauch, Boatman 18 foot raft and Food Organizer

David Trowbridge, Lottery Winner this trip

Tom Trowbridge , Boatman 18 foot raft

Holly Strauch, Boatwoman 18 foot raft

Emily Keenan, Boatwoman 18 foot raft

Bob Jackson

Ann Cutcher

Heidi Solmonson

Herb McGilton

Carrie McKinnon

Bill Kinner 

Perry Solmonson

Natalie Leroux-Lindsey, first half of trip

Pat Funk, first half of trip

Travis Dever, first half of trip

Julian Trowbridge, second half of trip

Amy Trowbridge, second half of trip

Colin George, second half of trip

Wait List

Bonnie Ludka
Gretchen Funk